Sunday, June 26, 2011


triveNi (त्रिवेणी)

triveNi is a newish form of poem, invented by renowned Urdu Poet, Hindi lyricist and film director Gulzarjee. In 1972-73, well known Hindi author Kamaleshwar was working as an editor of Hindi magazine ‘Sarika’. At that time triveNi found a regular place in Sarika. From time to time Gulzarjee has used this form for expression. This form of poem is not found in any Indian languages. It is indeed a valuable contribution of Gulzarjee to the poetry.
triveNi is a simple form of three lines, little bit different from sher or ghazal. The triveNi are written with three misre (misra - line) where first two lines form a complete sher and the introduction of third misra (line) gives the sher a new dimension or meaning. To put it into Gulzarjee’s  words, “शेर को कुछ नये मानी मील जाते हैं” Sometimes this third line is like a play-full comment, which gives a twist to the meaning and hence a new dimension to it. Some times it deepens the meaning of earlier two lines. First two lines are like confluence of the great rivers of Ganga and Jamuna. Third flow of meaning is invisible like river Saraswati at triveNi Sangam and gets visible in the third line, which offers absolute sense to triveNi.
Gulzarjee is Urdu Shayar and worked for long in Hindi Film industry. He is originally from Punjab. Specific Punjabi qualities such as Kindness and openness often get reflected through his poetry.
When I read it few years ago, I got so obsessed that I tried to write few triveNi. But the flow got invisible in the battle of life. But now by 2007, the flow of triveNi  has appeared and giving me pleasure of writing. I always like to see things from various dimensions and analyze its different meanings. That’s why I like Kaleidoscope, which shows you the things differently.
Writings of Sahirjee, another prominent Urdu Shayar, have influenced me deeply. His pen was, at its best while pouring out bitter but sensitive lyrics over growing social insensitivity. Through past several years, I came through diverse experience of people and at times their different faces and hence getting closer to writings of Sahirjee .
I honestly feel that my few recently penned triveNi  are a result of a sum of all these influences and experiences. I found this form and I understood my own potential of writing, having feel of 'raahat' राहत راحت  !

लिखने-पढने का सिलसिला जारी है सदियों से, फिर भी-
कागज भूखा लफ्जों का और लफ्ज तरसते मानी को!
(-कभी तो ऐसा लिख पाऊँ जिस से बुझे प्यास मेरी भी!!)

in Solidarity,
sandeep mashoor
संदीप  मसहूर

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